Soulful Sunday

Embodied Practices
for Radiant Living
with Greta Hill

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Join Greta each Sunday morning:

9:30am PST
75-minute Rasa Yoga Class

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Soulful Sunday is

A 75-minute ritual offering of heartfelt yoga that includes creative and progressive vinyasa, mantra, mudra, and yogic philosophy for inspired living.

What is Rasa Yoga?

Rasa Yoga is a modern yoga school that honors the roots of yoga and is committed to the equity and inclusion of all. We are dedicated to the Alchemy of Yoga and the Artistry of Life.

Rasa is a Sanskrit word that means “essence, juice, taste, nectar and fulfillment of the soul.” 

Rasa Yoga is a soulful fusion of asana, mantra, mudra, myth, pranayama, meditation, functional anatomy, Tantric yoga philosophy, shadow work, and soul alchemy.

Class Details

Soulful Sunday is held virtually on Zoom every Sunday at 9:30am PST and lasts for 75 minutes.

Once you register, a link to class will be emailed to you. You’ll also receive a follow-up email with the replay, within 24 hours.

All are welcome!

Classes are held on a "choose your rate sliding scale". Only you know your current financial situation. I ask you to choose a rate that reflects what you are able to pay at this time. This scale is intended to both support those facing financial hardship as well as support Greta and her offerings as you are able.

$10 (Discounted)
$15 (Regular)
$20 (Supporter)

*if finances are holding you back from registering, please email Greta at [email protected] .
No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.


Options for Soulful Sundays only,
or ALL INCLUSIVE + join me on Wednesdays too! Plus special bonus classes & recordings for members.


Meet Greta

Greta is a sincere student and deep practitioner of yoga. She has been teaching yoga internationally for over 20 years. Greta has mentored with some of the top teachers in the yoga and Ayurveda world and received certification in both Anusara and Vinyasa since she started teaching in 2000. She taught yoga extensively in Los Angeles, Bangkok, Brazil and New York before moving to Seattle.

Serving as the Co-Director and a lead teacher for Rasa Yoga, Greta facilitates Rasa Yoga Teacher Trainings, retreats, and online yoga lifestyle courses around the world. She has served as a consultant for a variety of wellness magazines including Yoga Journal. Greta is currently in a two-year mentorship for shadow work and emotional intelligence. She is dedicated to anti-racism work and to unpacking her own white privilege. Greta’s teaching is a heart centered, empowering fusion of form and flow and she is wildly devoted to helping students reclaim their beauty, awaken deep purpose, and cultivate vibrant health through yoga and Ayurvedic lifestyle.